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Big Ten Football Power Poll - Week 1

Some moving, but still fairly static

Ameer Abdulah...he good.
Ameer Abdulah...he good.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As a member of the "working media" we get requests to help out other "media" in their articles and pursuits.  Then sometimes we get to steal their ideas and content for our own gain.  Thus, we bring you the Big Ten Power Poll!

I am a voting member in two power polls this season on other websites.  If you want to compare my votes to other "writers" from around the Big Ten, I'm sure they would love a click as well.  Check out the Rutgers Blog www.SalSoothsayer and another blog covering the whole conference,

Here is the poll after week 1:

Big Ten East

1. Michigan State

The Spartans breezed through a home game against Jacksonville State, but has a small scare with Connor Cook's knee.  He's fine, and that's a good thing as MSU will need all the power it has and then some for its game in Eugene against Oregon this weekend.

2. Ohio State

The Buckeyes got off to a bit of a slow start against Navy in Baltimore.  However, they used their running game as a strength and J.T. Barrett found Devin Smith on a deep pass and willed the Buckeyes to victory.  It will be another tough task this week against Virginia Tech.

3. Michigan

The Wolverines just toyed with Appalachian State in the Big House this past weekend.  Granted it was a weak opponent, but they looked considerably better then many expected.  We will really see how good they are after their game at Notre Dame this weekend.

4. Penn State

Sam Ficken a hero?  Yep, it happened.  Big win to start the James Franklin era in Dublin over UCF.  Christian Hackenberg set a passing record for the Nittany Lions and looked really good. I'm glad we won't see him ever again.

5. Maryland

They  cruised to an easy victory over James Madison, as CJ Brown ran for thee touchdowns.  They did nothing to lose their spot, but will have to watch the teams behind them trying to leap over.

6. Indiana

Tevin Coleman.  Stud.  Indiana didn't run away from Indiana State, but they did enough to win.  That That

7. Rutgers

An impressive win for Rutgers over Washington State in Seattle.  You definitely could argue that they should have leapfrogged Indiana.  You may be right.  But I like that Hoosier offense too much yet.  You keep the horses on for Howard,  Scarlet Knights...and next week we can talk.

Big Ten West

1. Nebraska

Ameer Abdulah, wow you are good.  The Huskers had no problem with Florida Atlantic.  Actually, that is being too kind.  They set a freaking record for most yards on offense in Big Ten History.  Yeah, that moves you up to #1.

2. Wisconsin

I wanted to drop them down further, and frankly after the shenanigans in the second half on Saturday night against LSU I probably should have, but no one really wanted to take this spot from them.  If Iowa looks good, no problem, but they didn't want it, so the Badgers keep it by default.

3. Iowa

Could have been #2, but only beating Northern Iowa 31-23 doesn't exactly exude confidence.  Some may be bitter I didn't elevate the Gophers, but I need to see more before I do that.

4. Minnesota

It didn't start out too pretty, but they got it going in the second half and cruised to a win over Eastern Illinois.  Another definitive win over MTSU this weekend would bode well for fan confidence.

5. Illinois

Welcome to the Big Ten Wes Lunt. You made this game a lot harder than it needed to be against Youngstown State, but you made me realize you might have a decent offense this year.

6. Northwestern

You are lucky you are here at #6.  But the second half comeback showed be that they still have some backbone and won't be complete pushovers this year.  Lets see how you do against Northern Illinois Saturday however.  Another loss and a Purdue win and you will be in the cellar.

7. Purdue

You have tied your win total from last year, congrats Boilermakers.  Try and beat Central Michigan this week, cause it might be a long time until #2 comes otherwise...


In case you are a pre-divisions purist, and want to see how teams stack up overall, here is my overall Top 14:

1. Michigan State  NC

2. Nebraska           +2

3. Ohio State         -1

4. Wisconsin         -2

5. Michigan           +1

6. Iowa                  -1

7. Penn State       +1

8. Minnesota       -1

9. Maryland         +1

10. Indiana         +1

11. Illinois          +1

12. Rutgers        +1

13. Northwestern -4

14. Purdue         NC

So some movement.  Few slots here and there, but nothing big except for Northwestern dropping four slots.  The Gophers drop one, but its not so much they dropping as others being slightly more impressive and rising.  Another big win will see them move up next week.

Arguments?  Likes?  Dislikes?  Think I am an idiot?  Tell me in the comments!