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The Daily Gopher Big Ten Pickem- Week 4 Results!

Zales has taken the lead....

Eric Francis

Thanks to all of the people who continue to play in our contest this season!

The top spot goes to UltimateFrisbeeDude this week who went 12-13.  Nine others got 11 correct including:Gopherocious, ElliasD, Thats@#!gray, zales, gopherdiddy, gm, ragnor, JMB, and RutgersMike.

As for the overall results, Zales took over the overall lead by one point with a grand total of 43 points. Ragnor and UltimateFrisbeeDude are just one behind with 42 points.  Blake47 and  Thats@#!gray have 41.

We had three games that were picked unanimously correct this week with Wisconsin over Bowling Green, Michigan State over Eastern Michigan, and Penn State over UMASS.

The most poorly picked game was Indiana vs Missouri, where only 2 people correctly took the Hoosiers.  Congrats Gopherocious and Gopher_Busch.

As always the full standings can be located here.

Don't forget to make your picks for Week 5.   Nine games this week including our first mostly full slate of conference games.  5 Big Ten games will be played this weekend, while four other teams will play their last non-conference game. Good luck to everyone!