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New Gopher Athletics Facility Website

Facility junkies rejoice! The Gopher's launched a new website dedicated to their facility improvements. It has a catchy name too!



Nothing Sort Of Greatness, or technically, is a new website where the University will share stories about their facility updates and how the students will use them.

Here is their mission statement:

We have a vision to transform Gopher Athletics into a culture that stops at nothing short of greatness in competition, in the classroom, and in the community.

To realize this vision, we need your support for a new athletics complex focused on top academic, athletic, and leadership performance centers.

Similar investments have been the catalyst at other Big Ten schools to build championship programs.

The University of Minnesota deserves that same chance.

For all of you who have said you wanted to donate, they have a donate button. Have at it!

You can find their official story about this website on GopherSports.

Assorted Twitter Reactions:

Here are some of the thoughts shared on Twitter last night...


Here is what various parts of the complex could look like... Student Excellence Center

Football Development Center

Basketball Development Center

Olympic Sports Development Center