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The Daily Gopher Weekly Facebook Caption Contest!

The best way to keep up to date with The Daily Gopher content is through your LifeInvader Facebook news feed.

Coach Hoke in the middle of his traditional pregame Haka.
Coach Hoke in the middle of his traditional pregame Haka.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's Caption Contest featured a Scottish athlete lamenting her failure at a track meet.  This week?  Well, we thought we'd give you a shot a captioning a Brady Hoke photo, in the spirit of Jug Week.  What is Coach Hoke doing in this photo?  Well, we're not quite sure, but it appears to be some form of Haka.

What's a Haka you ask?  Well here.  I'll post a video without comment.

Anyway, you know the rules: there are no rules outside of the general decency code of the community. Keep liking, sharing, and commenting on our facebook posts. This week, if you know any Michigan fans, make sure to post our content in their news feed! Especially be sure to share all the coming stories and pictures as the Gophers bring the Little Brown Jug back to Minneapolis!

Go Gophers! Ski-U-Mah!

Oh, and here's last week's winner!  Congratulations, GophNYC!