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Minnesota at Michigan: TV Map ESPN College Football

Since this week's game is on ABC/ESPN2, where you live really matters if you don't have cable.

This is getting a little scary. We've reached week 5 of the college football season, and the Gophers have not played a single 11am game. We know it's not going to last, but this is seriously getting a little weird (in a good way). In case you need the reminder, here's when and where you'll find the Gophers on TV this week:

When: 2:30 PM CT


Ah yes, the ABC regional game with mirror coverage on ESPN2. The game that creates the eternal question of "Will I need cable in order to see the Gophers play?" Thanks to the magic of the internet, I am able to tell you in advance!

TV Coverage Map For Minnesota @ Michigan


Not a big surprise, but if you're not in the Big Ten footprint (and don't think I see you hanging out with FSU there NYC and Washington DC) you're going to need cable to watch the game on ESPN2. Or go to a bar. Or a friend's house. Or something. Just make sure you can see it.