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Golden Nugz: Little Brown Jug Edition

Additional links to get you ready for today's game.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


Marcus Fuller writes about the key addition to this year's game: Jerry Kill. Kill, as you will no doubt recall, missed the last game between the two while dealing with seizures. Expect that to come up at least 100 times today.

Fuller has a quick preview. He predicts a 31-20 Michigan win. Boo this man!

Joe Christensen wwrites that Minnesota needs its best game to steal the jug back from Michigan.

Christensen reminds us that Berkley Edwards is from Michigan.

Christensen also previews the game. He predicts a 24-10 Michigan win. Boo this man as well!

Chip Scoggins writes about Kill's (completely correct) theories on Big Ten scheduling. There may be nothing sinister about some teams getting relative cake walks. Scoggins quotes Mark Rudner, the overseer of Big Ten scheduling saying about the Gophers playing in the Big House three of their last four "I didn't even know that." Gross incompetence? You decide.

What do Michigan Men think about this game? Who cares. What will that fanbase think if they lose?




Yes, it is not a story about Michigan. Marcus Fuller has a nice profile of sophomore Sarah Wilhite. Wilhite has developed into arguably the best all-around player on the squad.