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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football: Reviewing Predictions, Hopes, and Goals for Michigan

The best part of writing? Holding yourself accountable for the crazy things you write.

Leon Halip

First of all, I would like to express my elation at the Gophers wining the Little Brown Jug for just the second time in my lifetime.  I was at my grandmother-in-law's 90th Birthday party, and I was irrationally excited.  My in-laws are not huge college football people, so I just added another reason to their list of reasons to wonder about me, but I don't care!  JUGJUGJUGJUG!


The Gophers win the turnover battle.

2 to nothin'!  Put it in the correct column, one fumble recovered and one interception (pick six from Devondre Campbell) versus no turnovers from Minnesota.  In fairness, I predicted a couple of Minnesota turnovers, but that doesn't matter.  Verdict? CORRECT.



The Gophers achieve a (statistically) balanced offense.

Passing Yardage: 167.  Rushing Yardage: 206.  That says "balance" to me.  Pay no attention to the fact that there were only 23 attempted passes vs. 47 rushes.  The Gophers were playing with the lead (HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA) so rushing was the name of the game.  No need to run it up on the poor Wolverines.  They have enough going on. Verdict?  CORRECT.



The game will be within one score at the end, and the team with the defense on the field wins.

Nobody's perfect.  As close as I am, I'm still wrong occasionally.  Still, I don't mind being wrong on this one.  I'm not sure anyone would have predicted a sixteen point margin of victory, so we were all wrong together.  I love being wrong!  Verdict? WRONG  Do I care?  NO.



The Gophers win, sparking an earthquake that causes the Michigan land mass to collapse and sink below the level of the surrounding Great Lakes.  Only the U.P. remains, and it's quickly annexed by Wisconsin (nobody can tell the difference anyway).  So final result of the Gophers win / Michigan loss: We only have 49 states.

This is the big one, and I nailed it!  Still waiting on the earthquake.  Verdict: NAILED IT!




The Gophers rush for 200 yards.

I quoteth myself.

If Minnesota puts up this type of run yardage, I think Michigan will be in trouble, no matter how the passing game is functioning. Since their defenses goal #1 is to stuff the run tomorrow, a failure in that area probably is a failure to win the game.

I guess this doesn't count as a prediction, or even a call, but it totally happened, and that makes me feel nice.

The Wolverines hand five turnovers to the Gophers.

Well, I guess two, including a pick-6, is good enough.  There were also a few dropped INTs that could have made this hope a reality, but I'm not picky.

KJ Maye puts superglue on his gloves.

One catch for eleven yards to convert a third down, if memory serves.  Good on ya!

No injuries!  Especially to our QBs!

Well Maxx Williams gave me a scare, but I think the Gophers came out of this relatively unscathed and with the starting QB intact and functional.  Good job Mitch Leidner!

Final Verdict: NAILED IT