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The Daily Gopher and Facebook: A Match Made In Heaven

We're one week into the football season, and we're off to a fast start here at TDG. To make sure you don't miss any of your favorite TDG Fixtures such as Models and Bottles, Charts and Chalk, the Gnomes, and the Nugz, follow us on Facebook today!

Let's be friends!
Let's be friends!
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Use this to like us right now!

You might have noticed that we're trying to expand our Facebook presence.  We've been pushing pretty hard recently to gain as many likes as we can for one reason: we know that we have the best community of Golden Gopher fans on the internet.  That's because of all of you that come read our posts and chat with us in the comments.

The key to maintaining our bright and vibrant community is bringing in new blood, as long as it comes from a person whose veins pump either maroon or gold colored blood (we're not picky about which one).  Heck, we even like it when fans of other teams come and chat with us in the comments, because we love to hate our rivals.  We especially love having our readers out-flank them in the comments.

I can't offer you gold or silver for liking us on Facebook. I can offer you two benefits.

Benefit Numero Uno (Number one)

You will stay up to date with all of our content and never miss a post.  We hope that's a good thing! I for one have a semi-obsessive streak and have to make sure I've read all of the comments in all of our posts.  You know what I'm talking about, the little speech bubbles on the front page?  Mine have to be one color.  I can't handle it if someone's said something and I haven't been around to read it.

I was out of town for a few days over Labor Day weekend and had to spend A LOT of time catching up on your comments Monday evening (and sneaking quick looks on my phone during the weekend on the sly).

Nummer Zwei (Number two)

This is my favorite benefit: sharing TDG posts with my friends and relatives from Wisconsin, Iowa, and all my old school friends in North Dakota.  I just love making sure the Gophers are in their news feeds and on their wall.  And hey, my (preferred) friends who are also Gophers fans like to see TDG posts as well.

So that's it, friends.  As always, thanks for coming to our site.  I hope you keep coming back.  This is one helluva fun place for Gophers fans like us.  Ski-U-Mah!