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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Pregame News, Links, and Notes: Golden Nugz: 9/5/14

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As you know from the depth chart post, Alex Keith is out this week with an injury.  True freshman Stephen Richardson is in as a starting defensive tackle/nose guard.  Here are some quick reads on the situation.

MTSU Story Stream

Gophers football: Starting DE Alex Keith out Saturday vs. MTSU; DT Timms available to play - Gophers Now

Short Gophers defensive tackle playing big as freshman | Star Tribune

This next one is my favorite story of the day because we finally get some insight into the coaching staff's anger coming out of the EIU game.  Apparently the onside kick was the play that got their dander up.

Asked about Eastern Illinois’ onside kick when trailing 42-14 with 28 seconds remaining last week, Kill said, "I think there’s a way to handle that and not, and I wasn’t very happy. You could tell after the game, I wasn’t very happy." Kill noted how dangerous onside kicks can be injury-wise, and that game had been decided. Eastern Illinois scored another touchdown on the game’s final play to make it 42-20.

Personally, I kind of thought it was a bush league call myself, but I also find it hard to fault a team for trying to get something positive going in the waning moments of the first game of the year.  EIU had been thoroughly handled by a Gophers team that wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders. They have a full season of FCS play ahead of them and high expectation to boot.  Scoring some touchdowns and getting some good vibes going was as important to them as it was to the Gophers.

At the same time, I completely understand Coach Kill's frustration.  His defensive line had seen three players go down to injuries in this game, and while that's not EIU's fault, Kill clearly didn't want to put his defense out on the field again and was pissed about it. That was a very short post game handshake, and I'm not sure there would have been a handshake at all if Kim Dameron hadn't tracked Kill down on the field.

On a side note, I like Angry Jerry.  You go get 'em, Jerry!

In case you hadn't heard, Mitch Leidner is the starting quarterback for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Here's an article about that.  Gophers football: Next move is Leidner's -

College Football Insider: Big Ten buzz followed by a dud, doubt | Star Tribune

There's basketball news to be had today!

Pitino surprised by international recruit's difficult journey to Minnesota | Star Tribune

ESPN: Minnesota will play St. John's in the NIT Season Tip-Off in New York | Gold in the Barn |

Here's EL SID's piece for the day.  Hartman: U of M president supports more aid for athletes | Star Tribune

Positive Mankato news for Isaac Kolstad and the Mankato State Mavericks, who beat jSCSU like a dirty rug in their first game of the year.

Science Has Made A Dramatic Discovery

Your Minnesota Department of Health performed a study that produced  shocking results.  Athletes in contact sports receive more concussions than athletes in non-contact sports.  Isn't it nice when you can see your tax dollars performing miracles before your very eyes?