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Minnesota vs. Middle Tennessee State: Predictions and Goals For Saturday

What I think we'll see Saturday and what I hope we'll see Saturday.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I treated a Gopher win as less of a prediction and more of a certainty. I feel the same way about this week. I don't fear that the Gophers will lose. I suppose if I do have a fear, it's that the Gophers won't pull together a "good" enough win. I think that's know as a #firstworldfootballfanproblem.


David Cobb rushes for 100 yards. I don't see a second week without a 100 yard rusher and I think the man to benefit from this is Cobb.

Mitch Leidner will throw 2 TD's and have no interceptions. I can't promise that we'll all feel great about the passing game coming out of this performance, but I do think he'll show us enough to keep everyone from hitting meltdown "BRING OUT THE MINION" territory.

Ryan Santoso makes a FG from longer than 40 yards. No reason, just a feeling.

Damien Wilson gets an interception. Same thing, just a feeling.


Or goals. Whatever you call them, we'll all be happier if the Gophers realize them.

No one gets hurt. Should have put that out there last week.

No Minnesota pre-snap penalties. The Gophers were close last week.

Force two MTSU turnovers. Because I like momentum swings.

Continue to execute the "give up yards not points" defense. Matt's piece on this earlier in the week got me thinking about this in a way I hadn't before. Even with the Gophers giving up sub 4 yards per play last week it still felt like EIU moved the ball to easily. Yea you read that right. Aren't feelings wonderfully illogical? Anyway, I'm embracing the mindset and would love to see it well executed again with MTSU held to 10 points or less.

No Minnesota turnovers. This will be on the list every week.

Maxx Williams hurdles 4 tacklers while tossing a pizza crust and dictating the next great American novel. You know he could if he wanted to.