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Minnesota Final Score 35-24: Gophers Defeat Middle Tennessee Behind David Cobb

Quick thoughts from today's victory.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well that game took a while and wasn't as smooth as the first half would have led us to believe. Still, all in all it was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Let's run through some thoughts bullet point style:

- David Cobb was a beast. 220 yards on 29 carries? Yea, that's kind of good and stuff.

Oh, and this.

- Mitch still has a ways to go in the passing game. And this assumes his apparent injury is nothing serious. His TD pass to Maxx Williams was a thing of beauty though.

- Good work defensive secondary. 3 picks including a pick 6? That'll do.

- Damien Wilson has a HECK of a game. Sack, INT, big goal line stuff. Another great performance from Damien in the middle.

- Nice to see Donnell Kirkwood get into the end zone.

- The third quarter was weird. MTSU got all of bounces. As Matt said on Twitter, even the sandlot passes were always good. That's not to say the Gophers weren't sloppy, because they were. But the game was never in doubt. We're not a perfect team yet, no surprise there.

- Speaking of sloppy, defensive contain could use some work.

- Did the NCAA change the rules to allow offensive pass interference? Sure looked that way.

- It was another game where the defensive backups will make it possible for dumb people to say the game was closer.

- Beautiful looking day at TCF Bank Stadium, wish I could have been there!