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Big Ten Football Sucks (Allegedly): Do We Care?

National, regional, and local pundits are all talking about the broken Big Ten and why it needs fixing...and I couldn't care less.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten sucks right now. There. I said it. What a commanding #HOTTAKE right? I don't need numbers, just a narrative and a terrible weekend. That's what everyone else is doing. And many fans of Big Ten teams are trying to rise to the defense of the conference. But frankly, I just don't care. Why?

Because I care about the University of Minnesota. Full stop. Period.

Ultimately I don't care about how good or bad everyone else in the conference is (or is perceived to be) unless we're talking about how it affects the University of Minnesota. The Big Ten won't be in the College Football Playoff? I'll care if/when it pushes Minnesota into a crappier bowl but otherwise? Meh. National media regarding the Big Ten as weak? Don't see how that hurts the already overlooked Gophers.

I hear people telling me that a bad Big Ten is bad for Minnesota. But I don't buy it.

"A bad Big Ten hurts Minnesota's recruiting." Really? In what way? For better or worse I don't see Jerry Kill and his staff recruiting the kind of players who get dazzled by the allure of SEC versus Big Ten. To be fair, this is probably the most legitimate of the reasons because high school recruits are fickle. But I would argue that there are other issues that would hinder the Gophers chances with those players as much (or more) than the perceived strength or weakness of the B1G. This strikes me as a problem facing teams recruiting lots of blue chip players. That isn't Minnesota.

"You want the Big Ten to be strong because a rising tide lifts all boats." Ah yes, the "we'll all be better off together" argument. Nonsense. We have to recruit against these teams and play these teams. Explain to me how our  opponents (especially our rivals) being awesome helps us do those things? Especially in a conference that will stack the scheduling to be easier for the "name" teams for reasons that don't matter because whatever they are they are bogus? Talk to me when the foundation is solid on this program. Then I might care what everyone else is doing. In the meantime winning games is the only thing that will truly help Minnesota.

"It could cost the Big Ten TV contract money." Not unless the per subscriber payment model changes. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about this happening but exactly none of them have to do with the quality of the teams in the Big Ten.

"You're just content with mediocrity. We should want to play and beat the best." No I'm not and yes we should. My point is that until the Gophers are winning more and have the program on even better footing I'm not going to care one way or the other what people think of the Big Ten or how good or bad the conference actually is. I'm not rooting for the conference to suck (I just root for Wisconsin and Iowa to suck). I just don't get upset if it does because I don't see the harm to Minnesota.

So there you have it. A unfiltered hot #TAKES rant on a Monday evening. Now it's time to tell me why I'm an idiot.  =)