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Minnesota Golden Gophers Swept in Ann Arbor, Michigan Wolverines Win 7-5

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The Minnesota Golden Gophers were swept out of Ann Arbor in a 7-5 loss to the Michigan Wolverines.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Sloppy Start

Puck control was in issue in the first period.  The Gophers had a tough time controlling the puck at the blue line, and making passes. They repeatedly tried to dump the puck into the Michigan zone, but instead dumped it into the Michigan bench.

For some reason, they even struggled to exit the defensive zone despite only being pressured by one or two Michigan forecheckers.  Minnesota looked unprepared to play against the neutral zone trap.

Scoring First, Again

Travis Boyd connected on his second opportunity to shoot on goaltender Steve Racine unopposed.  On his first attempt, he lifted a backhand just over the crossbar on Racine's glove side.  On the second attempt, he buried a forehand in the same corner.

...And Then Giving It Back

Facing a two-on-one situation, Gopher freshman defender Steve Johnson repeated freshman defender Ryan Collin's error of the night before.  Facing an attacking forward, Johnson retreated back towards the crease, but didn't commit to either the puck carrier or the other forward.  Therefore, he defended neither.  He waived his stick toward the shooter at the time the shot was released,

Freshman Defenders Exposed by Michigan's Office

If you're looking for a unit that had a really poor weekend, the defensemen are your group, and the freshman in particular.  After Johnson's non-defense of the Jack Glover took a holding penalty, resulting in a power play goal.

Upperclassmen had a rough night as well.  Ben Marshall (a senior) failed to put a stick or body on Zach Hyman on Michigan's third goal.  On the fourth, Brady Skjei stood in the slot and defended no one (a theme for the weekend!).

Wilcox Plays His Worst Game as a Gopher

Adam Wilcox did not do them any favors in the first period, which ended with four consecutive Michigan goals.  He was sloppy with rebounds, and was beat uncharacteristically on a low shot from Hyman at the top of the circles.  He's not known for bad angles.

After allowing a fifth goal a quarter of the way through the second period, a slapshot from defenseman Michael Downy, he was pulled and Nick Lehr.

Leon Bristedt Gets Called for Holding When He Was the Player In Possession of the Puck

He was checked by a Michigan defender, attempted to avoid the check, the defender went down, and Bristedt was given a penalty.  I don't know what he's supposed to do in that situation.

Despite Giving Up Six Goals, Gophers Somehow Within 2 Goals Heading to Third Period

If they score four goals in the first two periods of most games, the Gophers will hold a comfortable lead heading into the third period.  This was not one of those games.

It wouldn't matter, as early in the third, Michigan would score on ANOTHER odd-man rush off a Gophers turnover.

Good Weekends From Boyd and Reilly

Travis Boyd had three goals on the weekend, and Connor Reilly had two.  Reilly now leads the team in goal scoring, with ten.  Boyd is obviously very important to this team's success the rest of the season.  Minnesota needs him healthy and on the ice.

On a Lighter Note, the FSN Play-By-Play guy was incapable of correctly pronouncing "Cammarata."

Somehow he managed to repeatedly go with "Cammarota."