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Ohio State vs. Oregon: Who Are You Rooting For In The 2015 College Football Playoff Final

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To B1G or not to B1G, that is the question.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I have a simple rule when it comes to non-conference games, bowls, NCAA tournament, etc. I cheer for Wisconsin and Iowa to lose 100% of the time. Period. Full stop. I reserve the right to amend that in the rare situation that a Badger or Iowa win would help the Gophers in an important and immediate fashion, but the immediate part is key (i.e. I don't go in for "should help their long term SOS or whatnot). For everyone else in the B1G, I tend to go with how I feel at the moment in question. For example, I usually want Michigan to lose, I will usually cheer for Nebraska, and Indiana gets my support in football but usually gets cheered against basketball (that's right, I'm a really weird version of a reversible jacket Indiana fan). And as established in many comment threads/stories here at TDG, conference solidarity isn't a driving thing for me.

So what does that mean for tonight? O-H-I-O baby! Surprised? Don't be. While I like Oregon and their uptempo style of ball, that just means I love watching them tear down Florida State. And while the B1G narrative isn't something I lose sleep over in relationship to Minnesota, it's not something I'm in favor of perpetuating either. As a result, Ohio State gets my full fledged support for another CFB Playoff game. I'm sure Urban will be sending me a personal thank you very soon.

Which leads me to my question. When the Buckeyes face the Ducks tonight, who will you be cheering for? There's a poll below, but you should share a why in the comments because it's Monday and I don't want to talk about the men's basketball team yet. My personal prediction for Ohio State support in the poll is 90%. Let's see how I do!