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Gophers Seek 1st B1G Win Hosting Iowa - OPEN THREAD

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Where'd the Ball Go?
Where'd the Ball Go?
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


williams Arena


8:00 PM



Pos. Minnesota Golden Gophers Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Purdue Boilermakers Pos.
PG Deandre Mathieu 9.3 6.9 Mike Gesell PG
G Andre Hollins 12.8 5.7 Peter Jok G
G Carlos Morris 12.9 11.4 Jarrod Uthoff F
F Joey King 9.1 15.9 Aaron White F
F Maurice Walker 12.4 6.6 Adam Woodbury C
Bench Nate Mason 9.9 9.6 Gabriel Olaseni Bench
Bench Elliott Eliason 4.5 3.9 Josh Oglesby Bench
Bench Charles Buggs 4.1 4.9 Anthony Clemmons Bench

Changes are coming to the starting lineup but we don't know what those changes will be. My guess is that Nate Mason gets his first career start, likely in place of Carlos Morris. Also rumors that Gaston Diedhiou see his first action of the season. We will see, tonight should be interesting.

Efficiency Stats (national rank in parenthesis if significant)

Minnesota Iowa
Off PPP 1.069 1.072
Def PPP 0.938 0.940
Off TO% 19.3% 18.5%
Def TO% 26.2% (3) 21.8%
Off Reb % 31.5% 35.3%
Def Reb % 66.8% 69.5%

Iowa doesn't really stand out in the factors listed above. Pretty good at everything but not ranking in the top 50 in any category. The one thing I don't list (and I probably should) is eFG% and this is an an area where the Hawks struggle. Not a very good shooting team and we need to make sure things stay that way tonight. But even in the last couple games when the Gophers did a pretty good job of keeping Ohio State and Michigan from shooting threes very well (D'Angelo Russell the lone exception). But that didn't seem to matter as their opponent managed to execute their offense and get good looks from 2 and earn a win that way.

Keys to a Gopher Win

Win at Home -
Not really a key cause they need to and try to win every game. But Iowa's two best wins of the season have both come on the road at North Carolina and at Ohio State. So this team is no stranger to beating good teams on the road. Lucky for us we are not a very good team right now. The 0-4 start really puts pressure on this game to get a win and maybe some confidence and momentum into the easier portion of the schedule. It starts home.

Do NOT Waste Possessions -
We have become very good at wasting possessions with passes that are thrown out of bounds or other careless missed opportunities. Turnovers are killing us and it is hard to quantify but it feels like we have them at the worst possible moments.