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Minnesota Football's Transfers Aren't A Surprise...Or A Worry

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Three Gophers left Minnesota for other schools yesterday. We look at why.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a day of minor roster shake-up for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, as the football team announced that three players were transferring to new schools. The trio?

Dimonic Roden-McKinzy - QB - Freshman

Conner Krizancic - WR - Freshman

Demaris Peppers - DL - RS Freshman

Roden-McKinzy transferred to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas, Krizancic transferred to Ohio University, and Peppers is transferring to Jackson State, an FCS school

Should we be worried?

In a word? No.

Dimonic was the #4 QB on the roster. There was the chance he'd move up to #3, but when the guys currently ahead of you are going to be a RS Junior, RS Sophomore, and a fellow Sophomore next season, it's a good bet you won't see playing time. It makes sense that he'd want to make a move now and give himself a chance to play elsewhere in the future.

Demaris saw action in only 1 game this season, Eastern Illinois, and had true freshman jump him on the depth chart. Again, this is a situation where if he wanted to get the chance to play more moving on made sense.

Conner's departure is the most concerning, but not by much. Conner hasn't been projected as the next guy to break out from the young group of receivers as Isaiah Gentry, Desmond Gant and Melvin Holland Jr. tend to get more hype. But hype is isn't everything and until the WR position is more settled it would be nice to see as many players as possible getting reps. Still, if a year in college was enough to convince him that he'd rather be a QB then he's right to follow his gut.

But what about the mass exodus?

Note the day it was announced. The Gophers put the news out later in the day yesterday. Do you know what yesterday was? The last day of a recruiting dead period. Starting today the coaches can contact recruits again. This means that when the Minnesota coaches are recruiting today they have more roster spots to work with and can immediately address any questions about the transfers. The coordinated announcement of the transfers on that specific day means the coaches knew about it and the players were good with waiting until the perfect time, which certainly doesn't suggest anyone was unhappy. That's backed up by the fact that there has been clear behind the scenes smoke/scuttlebutt on some of these transfers since before the bowl game.

Ultimately this is three guys deciding their football careers were best pursued elsewhere, and all three of them worked with the coaches to make sure it was handled in the best way possible for everyone. We wish nothing but the best for Dimonic , Connor, and Demaris and hope then end up playing and succeeding quickly at their new schools!