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Wisconsin Ties Minnesota 2-2, Wins Shootout For Extra B1G Point

The Gophers followed a familiar script.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

That picture up there? That's the aftermath of this nonsense. Minnesota out shot Wisconsin 48-19 but took a tie and shootout loss. Let me write that again.

48. To. 19. For. A. Effing. Tie.

How did this happen? The Gophers decided that shooting into Rumpel would work better than trying to find empty spaces in front of the net. Oh, and they played crappy defense in the 3rd. I'm not giving more analysis than that. This game doesn't deserve it.

This team is not going to the NCAA Tournament unless they win the Big Ten Tournament. They might be mathematically in the hunt without the auto-bid still, but they aren't playing anywhere near well enough to make that happen.

I just...sigh...