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University of Minnesota Dance Team wins 6th Consecutive Pom National Championship!

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Its not the double....but its still another Natty!

6-Peat!  Congrats Gopher Dance Team!
6-Peat! Congrats Gopher Dance Team!
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Dynasty.  Its a word that is used a lot, and not often correctly.  However, it is obvious to everyone that the University of Minnesota Dance Team is a dynasty.  The Gophers won their sixth consecutive UDA National Championship in the Pom Classification this weekend!  The Gophers had also won the last five Jazz Classification National Championships as well, but this year fell agonizingly close to the dual six-peat finishing second to Tennessee.

In fact, the Gophers have NEVER not finished first in the UDA Pom National Championships.  The competition was split into the Jazz and Pom qualifications in 2010.  The Gophers have won every single Championship in Pom since, and had won every single championship in Jazz up to this year.

The Gophers finished 3rd in the combined competition in January 2009  at UDA National Championships.  Think about that in these Gopher Athletic historic terms: Tim Brewster was still a season and a half away from being fired.  Tubby Smith was in his second season at the helm of the Gopher Basketball team.  That is a dynasty.

While I'm sure the Gopher Dance team would have loved to pull off the double national title for the sixth year in a row, they can be proud of what they have done, and the immense amounts of work they put in.  It takes a lot of time and effort to win one championship..but to not lose any quality in your craft, to improve over six straight years to win every single year....that's amazing.    So congrats to the one team at the U we can count on year in and year out to amaze!  Give them the appreciation they deserve the rest of the season at William Arena and next fall at TCF Bank Stadium. Because they deserve it.  Congrats from all of us here at The Daily Gopher!