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Gophers Back Home Looking for Win Number 2 - OPEN THREAD

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Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports


williams Arena


1:15 PM



Pos. Minnesota Golden Gophers Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Illinois Fighting Illini Pos.
PG Nate Mason 9.9 3.8 Jaylon Tate PG
G Andre Hollins 13.8 13.8 Malcolm Hill G
G Carlos Morris 12.8 10.6 Kendrick Nunn F
F Joey King 9.3 5.6 Leron Black F
F Maurice Walker 12.0 7.3 Nnanna Egwu F
Bench Deandre Mathieu 8.9 7.4 Ahmed Starks Bench
Bench Charles Buggs 3.6 2.7 Maverick Morgan Bench
Bench Elliott Eliason 4.0 1.7 Austin Colbert Bench

Back on our home floor against another struggling Big Ten team. Illinois has an injury excuse but nonetheless they are just 3-4 in the Big Ten after being a ranked team at one point earlier this season. KenPom has the Gophers as a 70% favorite to win this afternoon, which doesn't mean a whole lot but for whatever reason this may be a chance to get our second conference win.

Just looking to see this team improve from here till the end of the season. Start getting these guys to play on the same page on both ends of the floor. Hopefully an entertaining game.