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Golden Nugz 1/27/15

Some Gopher links from around the web

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Morning everyone. I spent most of yesterday and today calming down co-workers and friends who are under the impression that some snow is the end of the world. For some reason, DC's response to any form of inclement weather is to buy all the perishable goods from the grocery store and freak out. For those reading this from the northeast where there is actual snow, stay safe. Your links


Speaking of the weather, Men's Basketball is monitoring the storm but has no current plans to cancel the game.

The Women dropped out of the Top 25 after the weekend loss to Rutgers.

Coach Stollings picked up a transfer. Allina Starr, a standout at DeLaSalle, will play for the Gophers after transferring from Auburn.


Gopher Men's hockey is out of the polls for the first time since 2011. If you have not read DarkKnight, why not? It's even linked right here.

At least the Women are still good. The Gopher Women dominated SCSU over the weekend.

Men's Gymnastics

Minnesota won its first meet of the season against Air Force.


Both the Men's and Women's team lost to North Carolina State over the weekend. On the bright side, the swimming team went to Hawaii over the winter break and the diving team went to Beijing.