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Minnesota Gophers vs. Penn State Nittany Lions - How To Watch and Open Thread

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One of these teams is going to walk out of the Bryce Jordan Center sporting a Big Ten winning streak.

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Bryce jordan center


6:00 PM



This is usually the part where GN has some roster notes and keys to the game. Unfortunately GN is work bunkered, UStreet is work bunkered, and I escaped my bunker just long enough to get the important details included so that this post could go up (thus saving amiller from having to hunt us down on Twitter). I beg your indulgence and appreciate your consideration.

Quick thoughts about this one? We had better win. Why? So many reasons, but mostly it's the fact that Penn State is arguably the worst team in the conference and despite all Minnesota's struggles they should be able to beat PSU. Even on the road. Sadly this is not a sure fire thing given how the season has unfolded thus far. So I'll be happy (ok, happy-ish) with any win.

You know how the open thread works, so have at it!