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Minnesota Wrestling vs. Iowa: How To Watch, Streaming, Tickets

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The top two wrestling squads in the country face off in Williams Arena on Friday night!

Minnesota Wrestling Facebook (Jerry E. Lee)

Moments like this Friday are what rivalries are made for. Is there anything better than getting the chance to take your bitter rival's #1 ranking away from them at home at what I'm betting will be a very full and loud Williams Arena? In a match-up so big wrestling wise that it is preempting hockey coverage on the Big Ten Network? I think not.

I'm guessing many of you are like me. You don't know a lot of about wrestling, but what you do know is that Minnesota and Iowa are top programs. You also know your passionate dislike of Iowa extends past football and basketball. I urge you to do what I would do if I lived in the Twin Cities...take advantage of the U's ticket deals, go to The Barn, and watch this slobberknocker of a dual live and in person! Something tells me there will be kind and knowledgeable fans of both teams who could help clear up any confusion about scoring and terms and whatnot.

And if you're a big wrestling fan who lives in/around the Twin Cities? Well, something tells me you're already planning to check this one out. For all of the big wresting fans who are too far away or for those of you who prefer to watch from your couch, here's how you can watch the #2 Gophers take down the #1 Hawkeyes this Friday night!

The Important Details

When: Friday, January 30th - 6:00 PM CST

Where: Williams Arena, Minneapolis, MN

TV: Big Ten Network

Streaming: or the BTN2Go app on your mobile device.