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Minnesota-Penn State Final Score 63-58: Gophers Lose Another Close Game

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The Gophers did the same things they've done the entire Big Ten season and oddly (ok, not really) we saw the same tired result.

This seems to fit.
This seems to fit.
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I'm debating where to go with this recap. I could state the facts, but honestly I could just put up the following GIF, walk away, and you'd still get the message...

I need to vent a little bit yea, recap ahoy.

Three Things

- I'd complain about Carlos Morris throwing up out of control and ill advised shots, but what's the point? I'd note how many times Penn State blocked the Gophers with ease, but what good would it do? I'd bemoan being out-rebounded by 8, but FFS...Look, this was a SSDD (look it up if you don't know the reference, we're a family blog at this exact moment in time) type of game for the Gophers.

- Good news! The Gophers made 75% of their free throws. BAD NEWS. They only attempted 8 of them. Possibly because they were tossing up 22 three pointers while only making 6 of them. Oh, and Andre Hollins had 4 of those makes on 8 attempts, which means "NOT ANDRE" went a combined 2 of 14 from beyond the arc. SMH.

- Guys, your shot fakes...

And in case you think I'm the only one with concerns.

On second thought, maybe that wasn't the message...

Turning Point

After battling back from a 10 point deficit at halftime the Gophers tied the game at 43 with 11 minutes to play. That means in the first 9 minutes of the 2nd half they had outscored Penn State 20-10. The next four minutes were not so great for both teams. Where was I? Oh yes, the turning point...down only 1, this happened:

That's a wild Carlos Morris drive and turnover leading to a crowd pleasing dunk followed by Mo doing his black hole thing into a turnover. Oh, and please note that the Morris nonsense took place off a timeout. Was this stretch really that different than several other maddening series? No. Was it even the worst back to back turnovers? No. That would be the Hollins/Mo daily double at the end of the game.

No, this was simply the moment where I jotted this note to myself..."7ish minute mark: Back to back TERRIBLE TO. We're so losing this game."

Absurd Moment No One Could Have Predicted

The Gophers used a time out ELEVEN SECONDS into the 2nd half.

11. Seconds. In.

I don't have words.

Stat Of The Night

Forget it. I'd just be piling on.

This team...this team is so very, very frustrating to watch.