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Gophers at Home to Face Ohio State - OPEN THREAD

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports


United Center


7:30-8:00 PM



Pos. Minnesota Golden Gophers Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Ohio State Buckeyes Pos.
PG Nate Mason 9.8 7.9 Shannon Scott PG
G Andre Hollins 13.8 19.2 D'Angelo Russell G
G Charles Buggs 3.8 10.2 Sam Thompson F
F Joey King 9.7 8.9 Jae'Sean Tate F
F Maurice Walker 11.9 6.3 Amir Williams C
Bench Deandre Mathieu 8.4 9.9 Marc Loving Bench
Bench Carlos Morris 11.1 6.0 Kam Williams Bench
Bench Bakary Konate 2.3 2.8 Trey McDonald Bench

D'Angelo Russell, remember him? I'm pretty sure the coaching staff and the roster isn't forgetting.

Efficiency Stats (national rank in parenthesis if significant)

Minnesota Ohio State
Off PPP 1.103 (44) 1.118 (31)
Def PPP 0.995 0.943 (35)
Off TO% 17.6% 16.8% (44)
Def TO% 24.2% (8) 22.5% (22)
Off Reb % 29.9% 34.1%
Def Reb % 66.8% 68.6%

In terms of style and what they are trying to accomplish, these teams are similar. Both force a lot of turnovers, are not great at defensive rebounding

Keys to a Gopher Win

Andre Hollins Has a Big Game -
We were able to get by Rutgers with Hollins not making a basket, but it will help quite a bit if he were to score and score big tonight. Will we need more than Hollins? YES. But it will be REALLY hard to steal a win without him. We need you back Andre, make some shots and get some confidence back.

Battle of Turnovers -
Both teams have been very good at generating turnovers. The one who best takes care of the ball may very well come out on top tonight. Minnesota is the third best team in the country at forcing turnovers and Ohio State is 7th.

Maroon_key_medium TAKE GOOD SHOTS - Getting quality shots within the offense has been a real problem, particularly in Big Ten play. When the Gophers move the ball offensively and get good shots they are a very efficient and good offensive basketball team. When they jack up bad shots, early in the shot-clock...we are just not good enough to overcome those lower-percentage shots.

We must be a smarter basketball team tonight.