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Gopher Football: A Recap of Records Set in 2014

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It was a historic many ways

Maxx Williams and David Cobb set some Gopher Records in 2014
Maxx Williams and David Cobb set some Gopher Records in 2014
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Gopher Football season will go down in history for many reasons.  Playing in a new Years Bowl Game fir the first time since 1962, the winning of the Little Brown Jug and Floyd of Rosedale...the hopeful beginning of a new trophy.  However, several Gopher players broke, set, or extended in-game, season, or career records in 2014.  Here is a quick recap of who has placed themselves in the Gopher Football Record Book after the 2014 season according to

Minnesota Bowl Records

Career Bowl Receptions-- Maxx Williams (12)

Career Bowl Tackles--Cedric Thompson (27)

Individual Game Passes Completed--Mitch Leidner (21,  .677 completion %)

Team Passes Completed--22

Minnesota Single Game Records

Receiving TD by a Tight End --Maxx Wiliams (3 vs Iowa)

Longest Kick Return--Jalen Myrick (100 yards vs Northwestern)--3 others tied

Consecutive Completions--Mitch Leidner (11 vs Missouri)

Minnesota Season Records

Most Rushing Yards --David Cobb (1,626)

Most Rushing Attempts--David Cobb (314)

Most Rushing TD by a Senior--David Cobb (13) -Tied with one other

Most Interceptions by a Junior-- Briean Boddy-Calhoun (5) -Tied for first.

Rushing Touchdowns by a Quarterback--Mitch Leidner (10)- Tied with Billy Cockerham

Kick Return Average by a Sophomore- Jalen Myrick (28.2 yards per return)

Receiving Touchdowns by a Tight End--Maxx Williams (8)

Receiving  Touchdowns by a Sophomore--Maxx Williams (8)

Receiving Yards by a Tight End (569)

Minnesota Career Records

Punting Average--Peter Mortell (44.3 yards per punt)

A listing of where some Gophers finished their career ranked:

David Cobb:

7th All-time in Rushing Yards (2,893)

7th All-time in Rushing Attempts (562)

10th All-time in Rushing Touchdowns (20)

Marcus Jones:

Tied for 1st All-Time in Kick Return Touchdowns (2)

3rd All-time in Kick Return Average (25.2 yards per return)

5th All-time Punt Return Average (10.1 yards per return)

5th All-time Kick Return Yards (1,311)

6th All-time Kick Returns (52)

Maxx Williams:

2nd All-time in Touchdowns by a Tight End (13)

3rd All-time in Receiving yards by a Tight End (986)

7th All-time in Receptions by a Tight End (61)

11th All-time in Receiving Touchdowns (13)

Congrats to these great Gopher players!