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Minnesota Football at Purdue: Recap; 41-13 - Strolling Through Twitterland Week 6

Stroll Through Twitterland: Week 6

He Good.
He Good.
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How about that Purdue game? That was kind of fun wasn't it? They should really do that more often. There was a tale of two halves if I've ever seen one. The first half offered up another dose of "here we go again, same old same old boring risk adverse offense that can't move the ball". Then in the second half Shannon Brooks decided to take the game over and the rout was on; more on Brooks below. The team we saw play in the second half is the team we all expected to see and it was the team we have seen for the past two seasons. Now they need to continue to build on it next weekend so they can retain The Bits Of Broken Chair Trophy.

There is a lot I could nitpick about the game yesterday and how they played. However, it's been a tough few weeks in Gopherland (which includes the team and fanbase) so let's celebrate this victory for what it was, a lot of fun. I don't care if it was against a really bad Purdue team, I don't care how they played in the first half. What I care about is everyone in Gopherland got to take a deep breath and feel good for a few days. So enjoy it Gopherland.

One area I would really like to celebrate today is the Linebacking core. When people talk about how good this defense is they solely focus on the Defensive Backs and deservedly so. But these linebackers are more than holding up their end of the bargain. Cody Poock is a one man wrecking crew out there. I was just as nervous as everyone about losing Damian Wilson, but Poock has made me forget all about Wilson. The guy is everywhere and is a for sure tackler. It seems like every time I look up there is Poock making another tackle. It's a lot of fun to watch.

Then there is Jack Lynn, man has that guy started to bring the pop. He is absolutely punishing people this year. At the Fall Scrimmage, all I kept thinking was how big Lynn had gotten. I wasn't even sure it was him, I actually thought it was De'Vondre Campbell at first. He has definitely taken his game to a new level and I feel sorry for anyone who decides to take him on.

Speaking of De'Vondre Campbell, what a quietly great season he is putting together. He is so much more positionally sound than he was last season. He is shedding blocks like they are nothing. His athleticism just jumps off the screen, see his interception yesterday as an example. He is just a completely different player than he was last year. He simply relied on his athleticism last season, where this season he is such a smarter player. You can tell he put a lot of work in the film room over the summer. If he keeps playing at the level he is, he is going to be making a lot of money next year.

You can't talk about the Linebackers without talking about Mike Sherels. The guy is on his way to being a coaching superstar. He's already one the staff's best recruiters and his players have completely taken their games to another level under his stewardship. The scary thing is, this is only his second year coaching at this level, he's only going to continue to improve as a coach. The best part, he bleeds maroon and gold. I don't think that is hyperbole either, I'm fairly certain he literally bleeds maroon and gold. What a great ambassador for the U and the program.

One last thing before get to the Stroll; I want to give a hat tip to Jalen Myrick. You had yourself a game against Purdue. You came out with the juice we wanted to see from everyone and it showed in the way you played. Congrats on your great game.

Today's Stroll Through Twitterland will be a little different again. I typically try and get a good variation of tweets to describe the entire game and atmosphere. However, last week was an ugly week in Twitterland and there were hardly any tweets to use. This week I could do the norm but I want to celebrate the game Shannon Brooks had. There is so, so much I would like to say about him and the game he had but I'll let Twitter do the talking for me.

So let's get to it. The main hashtags for this game were:




The first two tweets are all you need to know about the game Brooks had.

@MVofDT describes what it is like trying to tackle Brooks.

I think Purdue fans were watching a different game than @FrothyGopher and all of us were watching.

@zachhen1021 reminds Purdue fans the type of game Brooks was really having.

@BennettESPN reminds all of us that Brooks is a TRUE FRESHMAN! He should not be allowed to be as powerful as he is. What is he going to be doing in three years when he actually has man muscles?

@roh_tweets sums it all up.

What @mjessenhoward said.

Oh what the heck, let's just watch it again because it never gets old.

What were your favorite tweets this week? What have you thought about the Linebackers so far this season? What were you thinking during the Brooks show?


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