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Broken Chair Trophy Embraced By Nebraska Following Win Over Minnesota

I will never wish for or enjoy a Minnesota loss. But this loss had one silver lining that I will celebrate.

Let's talk about the Broken Chair. There are plenty of game related things to talk about, but I don't want to. The game wasn't that fun, but overall it was a great day. Getting back to your home state on a beautiful fall weather weekend will do that. Anyway, I've got great beer, college football on TV, and wonderful news out of Nebraska:

It kills me that Minnesota lost today. It always kills me. But I'm not going to apologize for being happy that the Chair is living on. Most importantly, I'm proud of Goldy and Herbie for making this happen.

I'm not kidding. HATS OFF to Goldy. This doesn't happen without the folks in and around our mascot making it happen.

Hats off to Peter Mortell and Sam Foltz too. I can't confirm that Sam learned about the Chair from Peter, but I think it's a safe assumption.

But once Nebraska had it, they embraced it. Sam might have been one of the few who knew what was on the line, but the Huskers are on their way to making this a real thing and I couldn't be happier about that fact.

So is it officially official that the Broken Chair is a recognized trophy? After all, that first tweet above came off the official Husker account. Well...we're not quite there.

Here's hoping that becomes a reality soon.

Congrats on winning a real Big Ten trophy game Nebraska. You're not quite there with fully embracing it, but I have high hopes. Now just make sure that when the Gophers win it back next season you don't pull a Wisconsin and "lose" it.