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Big Ten Football Power Poll--Week Seven


I guess something happened at the end of the Michigan/ MSU game??
I guess something happened at the end of the Michigan/ MSU game??
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As a member of the "working media" we get requests to help out other "media" in their articles and pursuits.  Then sometimes we get to steal their ideas and content for our own gain.  Thus, we bring you the Big Ten Power Poll!

I am a voting member in two power polls this season on other websites.  If you want to compare my votes to other "writers" from around the Big Ten, I'm sure they would love a click as well.  Check out the Rutgers Blog www.SalSoothsayer and another blog covering the whole conference, With out any further delay, I bring you the Week 7 Version, of the Big Ten Power Poll.

Big Ten East

1. Ohio State (Previously #1)

The Buckeyes took care of Penn State with no real issue.  Frankly we all know the top three are going to stay the top three until the last two weeks of the season  when things get really interesting. OSU at Rutgers should be a bloodbath.

2. Michigan State (Previously #3)

The Spartans jump back up to the #2 spot after their win over Michigan. Apparently something happened at the end of the game??  Indiana comes to East Lansing in what looked a lot more interesting four weeks ago.

3. Michigan (Previously #2)

Ouch.  Just Ouch.  Now Michigan gets a week off to take all the frustration out on Minnesota.  Whee!

4. Penn State (Previously #4)

The Nittany Lions struggled with Ohio State...but so does everyone.  Now they get to go to DC and play Maryland this Saturday.  Should be an easy win.

5. Rutgers (Previous #6)

Good on you for a great comeback Rutgers.  enjoy your whooping by the Buckeyes this week. .

6. Indiana (Previously #5)

Really Indiana?  Really?  I mean....REALLY??? Go lose to Sparty and start 4-0 and not make a bowl game...

7. Maryland (previous #7)

Bye.  Nothing to see here.

Big Ten West

1. Iowa (Previously #1)

The Hawkeyes put 40 up on a supposedly great Northwestern Defense and now have an actual realistic shot of 12-0.  Hold me.....  Bye this week.

2. Wisconsin (Previously #2)

Wisconsin stays here because Northwestern doesn't deserve it.  Wisconsin really probably doesn't either.  The Badgers go to Illinois in a very lose able  game this week.

3.Northwestern (Previously #3)

I guess you stay here unless you lose to Nebraska on Saturday?  Noone else wants this spot.

4. Nebraska (Previously #6)

Nebraska looked better then they had for most of the season last Saturday.  The question is that because they looked good, or the Gophers looked that bad. Northwestern comes to Lincoln in another of what has been just insane games between the two schools.

5. Illinois (Previously #5)

Illinois had a bye and let teams flip flop around them.  Very winnable game against a weak Wisconsin team at home Saturday.

6. Minnesota (previously #4)

Woof.  Take a week, try and heal up and hope a lot of fans involve blindfolds into their Halloween costumes for the Jug game...

7. Purdue (previously #7) lost to Wisconsin by less then you lost to Minnesota?  Maybe by transitive property that means the Axe is coming home?

In case you are a pre-divisions purist, and want to see how teams stack up overall, here is my overall Top 14:

1. Ohio State (Previously #1)

2. Michigan State (#3)

3. Michigan (#2)

4. Iowa (#4)

5. Wisconsin (#5)

6. Northwestern (#6)

7. Penn State (#7)

8. Nebraska (#11)

9. Illinois (#9)

10. Rutgers (#12)

11. Minnesota (#9)

12. Indiana (#8)

13. Maryland (#13)

14. Purdue (#14)

Nebraska rises and Indiana continues to fall. This week has a few interesting games, but if the favorites all win as they should, should be a lot of status quo going into next week.

Arguments?  Likes?  Dislikes?  Think I am an idiot?  Tell me in the comments