Jerry Kill: "The football coach who saved my son"


Many of you will remember Wayne Drash. He's the excellent writer from CNN whose son Billy has epilepsy. You might also recall the impact meeting Coach Kill before the Ohio State game last fall had on Billy from Wayne's wonderful piece entitled "Grit Beyond The Game." Wayne continues to be a powerful voice on this topic and today he wrote a powerful response to the news that Coach Kill was retiring and what he means to those in the epilepsy community. You need to read the whole thing, so I'm going to quote from it only briefly:

In my case, had it not been for Kill's generosity, my son wouldn't have gotten the care he needed. That's something I witness daily, every time my son smiles instead of seizes.

As he struggled for words at his news conference Wednesday, Kill pondered what's next after 32 years of coaching: "I ain't done anything else."

He then referred to his Chasing Dreams fund and paused, almost lost in thought of the kids he's helped. "I've got to get better," he said.

That's something everyone is rooting for. We're right there with you, Coach.