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The TDG Poem: "Remember"

Please have a seat because we need to speak....

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This will be a short poem in honor of Flip Saunders, and Coach Kill. Both men were active in at the University of Minnesota, and truly promoted the university in the best of ways. They wanted to a create of culture of success in two different levels. They gave people the time and day to speak with you, and loved the feedback on life. Flip, you were a great man toward the fans, and may you rest in peace. Coach Kill, I hope you focus on your health, and find another calling. Your family, and health matter more than football. We hope you stay active with the University of Minnesota, and give opportunities to those who are misfortune.

Thank you,


Remember those who fell

Remember the time we rose

Remember, embrace our darkness

Remember the display of light

Remember our memories of yesterday

May we cherish the time we spent