These halftime thoughts are going to be more angst filled than normal.

- Special teams errors are so frustrating.

- Calling the playcalling today conservative would be polite. I think I get what they plan close to the vest, rely on your defense to get it done, strike when the best opportunity presents itself. In other words, it's Kent State, Part Deux. The problem with this plan is that a single mistake (/waves at special teams) is enough to blow that plan up. That is why it works against Kent State and not against the Big Ten.

- Against the wind, I can see going full #RUTM and hoping for the best. I mean, I can't really see it but I'm being kind here. But with the wind the Gophers hung it up and said they were content to go to halftime with 5+ minutes left. NO.

- I'm ok with seeing Croft. If this season has proven anything it's that I'm not knee jerk reacting to the QB situation. And yet I just said I'm ok with playing the backup. If you trust Mitch so little today that your are going full #RUTM with the wind then play Croft. At least I can use the minions GIF more if he plays well.

Let's hope it gets better. GO GOPHERS!