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Minnesota Football: So you've decided to use a Demry Croft...

The Gophers put true Freshman QB Demry Croft into the game today. So what should we expect going forward if he continues to play?

Here we go again...
Here we go again...
Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

So you decided to take that bright, shiny Demry Croft out of it's original packaging and start playing with it, huh?  Well there goes some of it's value.  But now that it's out there, you might as well start using it.  What does this mean going forward?

1) Mistakes will be made.

Let me start with this: Demry Croft throws a nice football.  It's the prettiest ball I've seen from a Gopher QB in a very long time.  But he is a true Freshman, and Freshmen make mistakes.  There's a learning curve to adapt to the difference between high school football in Rockford, IL and the B1G.  Just remember that he will get better, it won't be a steady progression, and that occasionally the right decision will have bad results.

2) The playcalling will get even more conservative.

Notice something about the passes Croft got to throw today?  Quite a bit to the outside in reasonably safe throws, right?  Seems like a trend, didn't it?  Well Pat Fitzgerald and his defense seemed to notice as well.  The Gophers will need to run the ball well to take some of the pressure off Croft, and hopefully let him throw some riskier passes (read: over the middle) to stop DBs from jumping routes to the outside.

3) Media Hot Taeks will not stop.

Yes, if this was going to happen we probably should have gotten Croft some snaps against the MACrifices.  But for whatever reason, Kill and company didn't.  And that's something that's going to be dissected by our great football minds in the Twin Cities media.  Whatever crap they spew up as content, just remember this: they're paid because they write prettier sentences than people that actually understand football.  Don't get all worked up, don't take the bait, and don't click on the link.  Just read stuff and remember that they write sentences first and know sports second.

There you go, folks.  We're in for a bumpy ride with Croft if he's our starter, but there will be some flashes of brilliance.  Enjoy the good stuff and have a good drink ready for the bad stuff.