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Minnesota Football Injury Update, Week 6: Stop! Stop! We're already dead!

This is getting tiring.

I'm going to embed a video to share how I feel right now.

I have news that should shock absolutely no one at this point. Minnesota's injury problem? It's not getting any better.

Who are some of the walking wounded right now? Will we get important members of the secondary back?

This is on top of all the other injuries you already know about, like our primary tight ends being done for the year, Craig James' broken leg, the assorted offensive line knee and shoulder injuries, etc, etc. The official depth chart won't have 20 names on it, but that doesn't make things any better.


UPDATE: Joe C goes into a little more depth in his latest blog post:

Gophers coach Jerry Kill didn’t give specific names but said about 20 players couldn’t practice Wednesday because of injuries, including four offensive linemen and two or three players who are probably out for the season.


Kill said "there’s a chance" left guard Jon Christenson (knee surgery) will be able to play at Purdue on Saturday but said the chances of safety Damarius Travis (hamstring) and Briean Boddy-Calhoun (knee) returning are "slim and none."

The update also includes Kill agreeing with those who feel Mitch is a touch slower right now:

Kill acknowledged that quarterback Mitch Leidner isn’t running as well as he did earlier in his career. Leidner is averaging 2.5 yards per carry, compared to 4.0 as a freshman and 3.6 last year as a sophomore.

"He hasn’t been healthy," Kill said, declining to give specifics. "He’s tough. This week, he seems to be running a lot better."


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