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Minnesota at Purdue Poem: "Steel & Blood"

Welcome to another edition of the TDG Poem! Please sit in the chair, and not cross legged on the rug.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Spikes interconnect a nexus of East and West

Rails burden our bleeding hands

Callus soul, straining our waning hope

Men of industry, men of ambition await

Tippecanoe offered fools a school

Morrill leased the land to bend industry

Steam arose from White next to Corliss

As strangers engulf their hopes in gold

Modernization dawned technology

Laid by numbers of sheer will

Plotting boilers toward the course of future

Pete knuckles, wrestles toward perfection

Downtrodden Boilermakers

History of Tiller fades into the ether

Yesterday's heroes flee our consciousness

Forever, steel & blood built our nation