Minnesota at Purdue: Halloween Horror Villain Showdown - Purdue Pete vs. Everybody

This is who Christian Bale was trying to emulate in American Psycho. - Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports


"Welcome to death."

Look into those eyes, those vacant vestibules of dread, twin passages to a terror thought only to exist in the darkest corners of hell - a place somehow worse than West Lafayette, Indiana - and what do you see? A malevolent scourge on all that is holy and good, spawned from a seared hellscape of torment and pain: that's right, West Lafayette, Indiana, which as previously mentioned is barely better than hell.

One thing is certain about Purdue Pete: within him is a lecherous desire for blood. Let's see how he fares against some of cinema's most horrifying villains.

Purdue Pete vs. Pinhead


Let's say you've cracked the puzzle of the Lament Configuration and you're greeted by Pinhead and his legion of Cenobites. Well, that situation is less than ideal. On the other hand, let's say you've cracked the puzzle of every STEM class in high school and you find yourself at Purdue University with this sentient pile of murder lurking around:


Advantage: Purdue Pete.

Purdue Pete vs. Jason Voorhees


So, you're hanging out at a derelict summer camp with your friends, up to no good doing teen things, when this masked psychopath shows up with a machete and severely dampens the mood. Bummer. What could be worse, right? Well, how about hanging out at a derelict summer camp for four years in some desolate part of Indiana (Purdue University), where an even scarier masked psychopath patrols the grounds with a massive hammer.


Advantage: Purdue Pete.

Purdue Pete vs. Freddy Krueger


You thought it was just a nightmare - no matter how vivid the horrors your mind conjured, you would wake up in a faint sweat, unscathed. ERRRR - Wrong! You wanted to be an engineer and you're a lame nerd and you ended up at Purdue University. The nightmare is very real. Here is the most terrifying image I have ever seen:


Advantage: Pray that Purdue Pete takes mercy on your soul.

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