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Minnesota at Purdue: Depth Chart - Week 6

Let's take a look at what players we'll probably see against Purdue.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The final Minnesota depth chart for this weekend's road trip to Purdue has been released. Let's take a look!



- Jonah Pirsig is now flipped to #1 RT, Ben Lauer is now #1 LT, Josh Campion is #2 in both spots, and Foster Bush is nowhere to be found as a tackle backup. The rest of the OL depth chart is unchanged from last week. Foster Bush moves to backup right guard, replacing Isaac Hayes.

UPDATE: The offensive line section may just be a ruse this week:

That's a tweet from freshman center Tyler Moore.

- Mitch Leidner is the starting QB, which is no surprise. Demry Croft remains the #2 (also no surprise).

- The rest of the offense is unchanged.



- The defense is mostly unchanged.

- Jalen Myrick is now the #2 CB for both Murray and BBC (which is important since BBC is questionable).

- Ace Rogers is now the #2 Safety despite a cryptic tweet earlier in the day that had me thinking he was injured.

Special Teams


- The big news is KJ Maye stepping in as punt returner for the injured Craig James.

- KiAnte Hardin becomes the #2 PR.

Status Updates, Injuries, Etc


- Craig James, Duke Anyanwu, and Lincoln Plsek were the ones we expected to see as out.

- The player we did not expect? Jeff Jones. Whatever has been keeping Jones off the field before now is either worse or finally worth listing him as out.

- Damarius Travis and Briean Boddy-Calhoun are probably a week away from playing base on what the coaches have said this week.


General Thoughts

- That injury list doesn't look to bad right? Well yes and no. While we don't have a sudden influx of players being out or questionable, there were still 20 guys in non-contact jerseys yesterday. That means a number of starters and #2's are going to be playing banged up.

- Speedy return to Jeff Jones. I know some are already getting antsy about why he hasn't set the world on fire already, but with how things are going so far I'd rather have him back ready to go from whatever is wrong than force it and make things worse.

- I hadn't noticed until now that Eric Carter is the backup holder. That seems odd.

Anything you think I missed?