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Minnesota vs. Purdue: Opponent News, Notes, and Links for Gophers vs. Boilers

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This morning I face a very tough decision.  I'm completely split on our musical selection.

On the one hand, I'm completely repulsed by every article I've read this week about the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the Purdue Boilermakers.  Each time I read one I be like:

Based on that, I had a very nice song by Weezer picked out that perfectly embodies my angst.  But then I began to really delve deep into my psyche as a Gopher fan.  I've been fighting a mental battle between wanting to watch this game and see the Gophers smash Purdue on their home field and saying screw it, it's nice outside let's put up the Christmas lights before it snows. The fact that I even debated this option makes me sad.

In short, I'm split between two songs for this post, so I'm going to post both and just let you, the people, decide which one you want to hear.  I trust you to choose the one which matches your mood, or just listen to both.

"On to our links," he wrote with muted enthusiasm, expecting pain.

Purdue Boilermakers' Offense Can Overcome Minnesota - TU

Right off the bat with the deep hurting.

Thanks to a lack of playmakers and a struggle to establish any rhythm through the aerial attack, Purdue is catching a weak Minnesota team at an opportune time. As hard as it might be to believe, considering Minnesota’s 3-2 record, the Boilers are trending up while the Gophers are tumbling down.

Really? A fan of 1-4 Purdue feels like the program is on the rise while 3-2 Minnesota is tumbling down?  Why do I begrudgingly accept his analysis?  I have a defect.

Purdue football: Scouting Minnesota

Joe Christensen, who covers Minnesota for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, answers five questions about the Golden Gophers, Purdue's opponent Saturday at Ross-Ade Stadium:

Ah, a brief respite.  You can tell this was a Q&A between two paid writers because there weren't any loaded questions.

Purdue is up to something - Purdue Exponent: Opinions

3. The Purdue Athletics Director Morgan Burke has finally awoken from his three-year-long curare-induced slumber, and will now do his job by firing coach Darrell Hazell. I’m probably going to get a well-worded letter from Burke’s ilk at the athletics department for this, but honestly I couldn’t care less.

OH SNAP!  This one actually made me feel good about our situation, and reminded me that despite all the positivism I've been reading on their sites, that we are still talking about Purdue after all.

Ready to win? Purdue’s talent blend breeds optimism - Purdue -

Nothing is guaranteed, of course, especially for a program that has won just five of its last 29 games, but Hazell is optimistic that his team is mature and focused enough to sustain the momentum from the Michigan State near miss.

"I believe so, I really do. I think it's still a very hungry football team, and we have to be able to take that next step. We keep saying that, but we have to be able to do that and blow the lid off this thing, and I think a lot of good things are going to happen once that happens."

OK, Coach speak.  Nothing too horrifying here.

Freshman running back growing as an asset - Purdue Exponent: Sports

Since fall camp, it’s been clear that the Purdue football team was going to depend on more than one running back in the season. Through five games, a true freshman is showing he can take on more of a role than what most expected him to.

I was a little sad to read this, because I predicted their offense would disappear after Usain Bolt 1 and Usain Bolt 2 graduated.

Purdue Football: Minnesota's defensive line a concern for Boilers - Purdue Exponent: Sports

Although all Big Ten teams pose a threat, Anthrop says the odds are slightly in his team’s favor regarding Saturday’s game.

"The more we watch them, the more we stack up well against them. It’s going to be a little bit like last year, in terms of what we do to match what they bring and how we played them," Anthrop said. "How that turned out is gonna give us an upper hand with the attitude we have to bring into the game."

Yeah, we pose a threat to Purdue.  Not because they really feel threatened, but because we're a Big Ten team and they don't have great history with that.  F me, right?

Gophers down eight starters for game vs. Boilermakers | CollegeFootballTalk

It would be an understatement of significant proportions to say that the Minnesota football team is banged up.

This is just too much.  Nevermind that the writer can only come up with four starters.  I assume what Kill meant was that four starters went down, and four backups (who were starting) also went down (even though the original starter is back).  Christmas Lights.  It's decided.

--- --- ---

Gophers Hockey Begins

Thank goodness it's finally hockey season.  The expectations this year may not be what we're used to, but it should be a fun season regardless, especially if the freshman class can make an impact.