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Goldy Gopher's Halloween Costumes - Ranked

My favorite Goldy game each year is the Goldy Halloween costume game.

Goldy Gopher's Twitter

I love Goldy's Halloween costumes. I look forward to seeing them every season. They are fun regardless of when we see them, but I much prefer a true Halloween game appearance to those seasons where he has to break them out in mid-October because of the team's home schedule.

This year, Goldy went through 8 costume changes during the game. We'll be scoring each of the costumes on an arbitrary 1 to 5 Goldy head scale. The rules are simple...I'm making them up as I go. Be sure to vote at the end to let me know if I'm right or wrong with my rankings.

#10 - Puppet Goldy

Goldy Head - 1

If there is a specific puppet character I'm supposed to be thinking of, I'm failing. Even though it's probably obvious and I'm sure that I'm just really dumb, but based on the "make it up as I go" rules my confusion gets it ranked #9.

#9 - Ghost Goldy

Goldy Head 2

Ghost Goldy

Simple, classic, timeless. I like it, but it can't top the remaining costumes that Goldy broke out last night.

#8 - Joker Goldy

Goldy Head - 2.5

Gonna nerd out a bit, but if we're working off the current Joker timeline, this costume has too much hair. The Jared Leto Joker from Suicide Squad just has less hair than this.

#7 - Shrek Goldy

Goldy Head - 2.75

Great execution and quality Twitter message.

#6 - Astronaut Goldy

Goldy Head - 3

If Goldy had props showing the growing of potatoes with this costume, I'd have bumped it much farther up the list. #ScienceThatShit

#5 - R2-D2 Goldy

Goldy Head - 3.25

Loving the classic Star Wars selection. A rolling BB-8 costume though, that would have been the winner.

#4 - Transformer Goldy

Goldy Head - 3.75

This was a tough one. The transforming element is a huge winner for me. But ultimately I just loved the Top 3 choices more. Quality work from Goldy here though!

#3 - Wacky Inflatable Arm Guy Goldy

Goldy Head - 4

YAIS. Creative, unexpected, colorful. WACKY INFLATABLE ARM GOLDY IS WONDERFUL!

#2 - Minion Goldy

Goldy Head - 4.5

By every standard I usually use, this should be #1. I mean, c'mon! But #1 was executed so well and I simply couldn't move Minion Goldy up to the #1 spot.

#1 - Jurassic World Chris Pratt Goldy

Goldy Head - 5

Everything about this is amazing. First, the folks dressed up as raptors. They gave him raptors. Second, HE SPUN HIS HEAD FOR THE POSE. That's it, game over, this wins.