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College Football Playoff Rankings: Iowa Ranked #5 - Minnesota Football has chance to ruin special season

The "Iowa in the College Football Playoff" thing is getting real. Ruin it Gophers.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

It's Tuesday, which means it is time for the College Football Playoff committee to release their rankings. The Big Ten is well represented, with Ohio State at #3, Iowa at #5, Michigan State at #13, Michigan at #14, Northwestern at #18. and Wisconsin at #25. This is also the moment where you look at that and realize that Minnesota plays 5 of the 6 currently ranked teams this season, with 4 of those 5 coming in the last 5 weeks. If only Iowa had to play a schedule like that.

/insert EE wanking motion GIF

What does it mean for the Gophers?

Simple. Minnesota has the chance to upset their hated rivals, ruin the #SPECIAL season, and keep Floyd all in the same night. Don't get me wrong, that's a very daunting task and as much as I hate it I'd have to predict a Minnesota loss if pressed to choose right now. But rivalry games gonna rivalry game and Minnesota is certainly capable of beating Iowa (even if I wouldn't call it likely). If it happens though? VICTORY BOURBONS SHALL FLOW THROUGHOUT THE LANDS.

Breakdown by conference

Looking at the # of teams in the rankings by conference certainly looks good for the Big Ten. The thing to remember is that 66% of the B1G teams in the rankings are in the latter half of the poll. Still, it's a nice thing for the Jim Delany's press flacks to hang their hat on:

Big Ten: 6

American: 4

SEC: 4

Big 12: 3

Pac-12: 3

ACC: 3*

*if you count Notre Dame as ACC

The full list:

Enjoy the full Top 25 in pictures!