Minnesota Football: Overrated Iowa Deserves Much Less Respect

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Across the miserable state of Iowa, shrill complaints are being spat at computer screens, staining the monitors of late-90's Gateway PCs with shards of beef jerky and Mountain Dew/dip spit cocktails. What is provoking this gas station diet bulimia on these undeserving if antiquated machines, you may ask? Well, that would be the Iowa Hawkeyes' perceived lack of respect for their 9-0 record this season.

Yes, Iowa is 9-0 on the season. If you didn't know that, it's understandable, since they've basically played the Vinton School for the Blind and Wisconsin. But still, it is truly a #Special season in the Hawkeye State: the boys in black and gold are narrowly escaping the Illini at home and beat writers are falling in love with kickers.

The reality of the situation, however, is that Iowa is pretty much a 5-4 team. They are pretty much a lock to lose against Minnesota (and probably Nebraska, too).

On November 1st, 2014, Iowa thoroughly dismantled Northwestern 48-7. It was a dominating performance and they were riding high coming into the battle for Floyd of Rosedale the following week. Of course, what ended up happening is they came to TCF Bank Stadium and pissed down their legs so badly their already urine-colored pants actually darkened a shade.

What’s changed since then? They basically have a good kicker now and Kirk Ferentz is quietly riding him into an extension through 2040.

Iowa is basically Michigan Lite. They’re having a cute run, but it will come to an end this weekend at TCF-South. I do hope they enjoy the Citrus Bowl this year (old news, for us), because next year they’ll be 4-8 while Kirk Ferentz quietly slides more commas than contained in this entire blog post into his bank account.

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