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Big Ten Football Power Poll--Week Ten

Its late this week....because life

Sparty D'oh...
Sparty D'oh...
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As a member of the "working media" we get requests to help out other "media" in their articles and pursuits.  Then sometimes we get to steal their ideas and content for our own gain.  Thus, we bring you the Big Ten Power Poll!

I am a voting member in two power polls this season on other websites.  If you want to compare my votes to other "writers" from around the Big Ten, I'm sure they would love a click as well.  Check out the Rutgers Blog www.SalSoothsayer and another blog covering the whole conference, With out any further delay, I bring you the Week 10 Version, of the Big Ten Power Poll.

(note...due to some issues I didn't actually get my vote into either poll this here is how I would have voted)

Big Ten East

1. Ohio State (Previously #1)

Ohio State didn't have their best game of the year against Minnesota, but did enough with Barret out to win.  A trip to Illinois this week could be interesting as OSU has history of choking against the Illini

2. Michigan (Previously #3)

Easy blowout of Rutgers last week and a chance to move up due to the blown call in Lincoln.  Frankly you can probably but either the Wolverines or Spartans in 2 or 3...but we will get to see how they both due against the Buckeyes soon. A trip to Indiana is first for the Wolverines this week.

3. Michigan State (Previously #2)

A loss to Nebraska that probably shouldn't happened...but the Huskers should have gotten smoked by this team. MSU lets weak teams hang around, and then sometimes things like last Saturday happen.  If Maryland keeps it close in East Lansing this week...then you really worry about the Spartans.

4. Penn State (Previously #4)

Tough loss to Northwestern last week.  This team is a step behind the top three....but not that far.  They get a bye this week.

5. Indiana (Previous #5)

The Hoosiers put up a good fight against Iowa last week but couldn't pull off the upset. Maybe they can against Michigan this week?

6. Maryland (Previously #6)

Maryland made it two weeks in a row of showing up only losing by a td to the Badgers.  Can they make it 3 in a row in East Lansing?

7. Rutgers (previous #7)

Michigan put the beat down in Rutgers as revenge for last year.  Now Nebraska comes into town riding high....could be a rough day for the Knights

Big Ten West

1. Iowa (Previously #1)

Indiana played them tough, but Iowa continued their #specialseason.  Can Minnesota keep Floyd and shock the Hawkeyes Saturday I really hope so but not counting on it.

2. Wisconsin (Previously #2)

Snuck out a win against Maryland.  Not playing great, but can you say anyone else is better than them in this division?  Not really. They get a bye before a big game against Northwestern in a week.

3.Northwestern (Previously #3)

Big win in the clutch against Penn State.  Purdue comes to town in what should be a win....but this season can you really guarantee that anymore?

4. Minnesota (Previously #4)

The Gophers played the Buckeyes tough in the 4th quarter....but needed more help in the first 3.  Huge game for everyone this week in Iowa City.  Really hoping its not another close....but not close enough like the last few weeks.

5. Illinois (Previously #5)

Put the hammer down on Purdue last week.  Can they show up against Ohio State this week?

6. Nebraska (previously #7)

Big win over MSU...even if the refs helped.  Would anyone be shocked to go watch the Huskers lose at Rutgers this week though?

7. Purdue (previously #6)

Bipolar boilers continue.  Big loss to the Illini...but would anyone be surprise to watch the Boilers beat Northwestern this week?

In case you are a pre-divisions purist, and want to see how teams stack up overall, here is my overall Top 14:

1. Ohio State (Previously #1)

2. Iowa (#3)

3. Michigan (#4)

4. Michigan State (#2)

5. Wisconsin (#5)

6. Northwestern (#6)

7. Penn State (#7)

8. Minnesota (#8)

9. Illinois (#9)

10.  Nebraska (#12)

11. Indiana  (#10)

12. Purdue (# 11)

13. Maryland (#13)

14. Rutgers (#14)

Iowa moves up a spot with the Spartan loss.  Lots of games where the favorite should win this week, but as we have seen this season, that is not a given at all.

Let us know if you think I'm way off...or if you agree