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Minnesota Football vs. Iowa Recap: So Much To Digest

Strolling Through Twitterland: Week 11

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There is so much to digest from the Iowa game I'm not even sure where to begin. I hate the fact the Gophers lost and poor Floyd will be stuck in Herkyville for the next year. But at the same time, that was a wildly entertaining football game. It is games like this that make me love college football. The history of the game, the Rivalry and the stakes that were on the line. Every time it appeared Iowa was about to pull away, the Gophers fought back. This game had the feel of a heavyweight boxing match where both fighters are just exchanging haymakers. Blow after blow after blow until there is only one left standing. Unfortunately the Gophers were the one to fall.

For starters, let's just get it out of the way and make sure it is said. The Gophers didn't deserve to win with the way the defense played. The injuries have finally completely caught up to the defense and it showed. There were massive running lanes and wide open receivers all over the place. For those saying the injuries have been overblown, let this sink in for a moment. The Gophers have had 24 players combine to miss 94 games, including 14 starters who have missed a combined 55 games. It would be hard for any program to overcome that.

How about that offense though? Earlier this season, the offense was holding the team back, but something has finally clicked offensively. The entire offense has elevated their game including Matt Limegrover's playcalling. Limey's playcalling had Iowa flummoxed and off-balance for the entire game. There were playcalls we have never seen in five years from this offense. Where the heck did the Shannon Brooks pass idea come from? Never saw that one coming. It definitely appears as if the risk-adverse offense is dead! Matt Limegrover, I apologize for questioning you. For those still questioning Mitch or worse still wanting him to be benched, well, you're just being stubborn and refusing to accept the fact Mitch is maturing as a player right before our eyes. Brandon Lingen has also made me sit here and forget that one TE they lost to the NFL. What was his name again?

I said it last week and I'll say it again. The future is still bright for this program. Keep the faith Gopherland.

Let's dive into the Stroll Through Twitterland. The main hashtags for this week were:







I thought about going on a rant about the officiating for today's post but what's the point? It wouldn't change anything and as I mentioned above, ultimately the Gophers lost this game because the D couldn't get off the field. But the discrepancies in the calls was atrocious. Oh who am I kidding? Here we go...

For Gopher @godgergopher83 had this to say about the officiating.

Injured Gopher @Linc85chilliN had this to say about the phantom Lingen holding call.

This was one of my favorite tweets of the night. Well played @staceyness

Ha. This would be a good punishment @SawyerAlessia

Um, apparently this isn't holding on 3rd and long that went for a 1st down. Iowa would eventually score a touchdown on this drive.

I asked myself this question a few times throughout the game as well @roh_tweets

@MVofDT foresaw how the night of officiating was going to go.

Onto some positive notes. @RyanBurnsMN also noticed the evolution of Limegrover.

Last but certainly not least, I like the boldness @benramsden34 I hope your call comes true.

What were your favorite tweets this week? Thoughts on the officiating? Thoughts on the game overall? Has your opinion of Limegrover changed now that the shackles have been removed? Has Lingen made you forget about Maax?

#HATEWEEK was fun this week. Both fanbases have had a lot of back-and-forth banter. That's part of what makes college football so much fun. Now that #HATEWEEK is over I'd like to end the Stroll today with a hat tip to Iowa. Good luck the rest of the way. I'd give anything to see the Gophers 10-0 and ranked #5 in the country.


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