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The TDG Poem: "Illini"

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Please sit in the nice plush chair, and let out all your frustrations. Now we move on to the Illini.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Confederation of mighty tribes convene

Champaign, their willful place of bliss

Warriors, shamans resemble the spirits of yesterday

Algonquian mixed with French curiosity

Lands sprawl across Old Ottawa

Chanting, crying out in time of war

Standing prideful at the memorial before war

As fur enriches our sophisticated taste

Shameful removal spilled tears in their footprints

Losing ground among our biggest ten

Men fading, heroes rise

A legendary ghost gallops the foes

Roses blown into the sands of time

Peaches ripen in our hands

Battled souls, scarred wills

Forcing foes to aspire toward greatness