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Gophers Take on Tubby Smith's Texas Tech Red Raiders in Puerto Rico - OPEN THREAD

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San Juan, PR


1:30 AM



Well, now the consolation game of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off just got interesting as Tubby Smith's Texas Tech Red Raiders gets to face the program from which he was fired. I'm sure I and the rest of the world will make a bigger deal about this than Tubby Smith will, or anyone on the Gopher sideline. But it certainly makes the matchup more interesting. Tubby is a classy guy, I don't expect a Rex Ryan type of response after the game. Seriously though, this angle matters to nobody but fans, media and maybe Tubby; but I doubt he'll ever show it. Charles Buggs is the only player who was on the roster when Tubby was here and nobody else in the program will care. They just want to get a win.

Keys to a Gopher Win

Maroon_key_medium Find Some Offensive Rhythm - The Gopher offense has been a real struggle with the exception of Joey King's three-point shooting. I don't really expect that things will be any different between game 4 and game 5, but this young group needs to start learning to play together and run some offense. When that happens, this team becomes much better and the shooting really opens up for everyone else.

Maroon_key_medium BOX OUT - The season is early so it is hard to get a good read on things statistically, but on thing is very clear...we struggle with defensive rebounding...and offensive rebounding for that matter. Texas Tech, like a typical Tubby team, is also very bad at defensive rebounding. Sure would be nice to beat a Power-5 team on the boards. Could be a very important today.

KenPom ranks Tech at 110 while we sit at 63rd and are favored to win.