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Illinois vs. Minnesota Recap: Who Cares It's #HATEWEEK Axe Edition

Strolling Through Twitterland: Week 12

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Even though I am just now thawing out a day later, the Illinois game was a lot of fun. I almost forgot what it was like to celebrate a victory after four straight losses. This game was a total tale of two halves offensively for the Gophers. They gained only one yard in the 3rd quarter. Yes you read that correctly, they only gained one yard, yet thanks to Shannon Brooks housing a 75 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter they held onto win. Defensively wasn't the greatest day but they made plays when they had to. It was the epitome of a bend but don't break defense.

Raise your hand if you had that sinking feeling the Gophers were going to lose when they gave the Illini the ball back with 6 minutes left and Peter Mortell shanked the punt. I admit, I had that feeling, then Julian Huff came from nowhere with a monstrous eleven yard sack of Wes Lunt. Even then I still had that feeling until Brooks broke free. With each passing game, I sit and think how good is this kid going to be in a couple years? He didn't start playing regularly until the 4th game, was banged up and received limited carries in two others and has split carries with Rodney Smith, yet he has almost 700 yards rushing. Between him and Smith, I'd say the Gophers are pretty well set at Running Back for the next couple of years. It's going to be a lot of fun watching these two backs develop.

What did everyone think of the 2-point conversion? I understood the logic immediately but at the time I didn't like the call. The reason being I know how the Gophers tend to invent ways to lose games and kicking the extra-point would have at least assured Overtime at the worst. But as I've sat and thought about it, the more I absolutely love the call. So much aggressiveness in that play call. That was Tracy Claeys saying we are playing to win. It makes me believe that much more in Tracy Claeys since he has now played to win in two games when kicking would have been the "smart" decision. It also took some extra-large juevos to make that call after what happened in the Michigan game. Imagine the backlash if they didn't convert, then went on to somehow lose the game...which knowing the Gophers history wouldn't have surprised anyone. But he went for the jugular and it worked to perfection. Brilliant play call Coach Claeys.

But you know what, who cares? It's #HATEWEEK Axe Edition! At the beginning of the season all of us would have been jacked to know there was something more than just the Axe to play for in this game. Granted, we would have all thought the Gophers would be playing for the B1G West crown. Things didn't workout that way, but this game still has large implications. Gophers win and they are going bowling while also reclaiming the Axe. Considering all that has happened this season, I would consider reclaiming the Axe and going bowling to be a success.

Since it's #HATEWEEK Axe Edition and with what all transpired at the end of the Becky/jNW game I believe a little schadenfreude is called for in this week's Stroll Through Twitterland. Let's have some fun with it.

Stay classy Becky...

Best fans in the country...

It's always been a bad and annoying song.

I think everyone's Timeline looked very similar to this. I don't understand what the heck happened but it couldn't have happened to a better team and fanbase.

Once again, stay classy Becky.

Ok, got that out of the way so I'm going to leave you with this. I honestly don't know what to say to this...

What were your favorite tweets this week? What did you think of the Illini game? Have you already moved on since it's #HATEWEEK Axe Edition? Are you ready to take the Axe back? Do you think the season will have turned out to be a success if they win Saturday?


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