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Leidner's Poor Play at DT Dooms Gophers

Due to QB Mitch Leidner's inability to stop the run at DT, the Gophers fell to 5-7.

Leidner not playing DT effectively
Leidner not playing DT effectively
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The wisconsin badgers defeated the Gophers 31-21 today behind 257 yards rushing. Questions about Mitch Leidner are abound once again as he was unable to step up and lead the replacement defensive tackles to filling the gaps and keep the badger OL off the Gopher linebackers. "I take responsibility for not being able to keep their OL off the 2nd level" Leidner didn't say after the game. "The shortcomings in my game at QB are holding back the defensive line, and it's something I plan on working on in the offsesason."

Head Coach Tracy Claeys was similar distraught, especially having not followed the advice of this writer in playing my miniature schnauzer on the defensive line in the first half.  "In retrospect a small 10-year old German dog could have been the difference, but those are the tough choices I'll need to make going forward" Claeys didn't say after the game. "Between our starting QB's failings at DT and my not playing a dog, these are things I'll need to get better at to make next year a success."

Gopher fans will have a long winter to think about how we could have used a better QB or a small dog on the defensive  interior while not going to a bowl game.