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Wisconsin vs. Minnesota Recap: Confessions Are Made

Strolling Through Twitterland: Week 13

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I have a confession to make. I didn't watch the Gophers-Wisconsin game. Hear me out before you fire your shots. My daughter the Lil One is with me every other weekend. Even though the Lil One loves everything about Goldy and singing the Rouser, she's still only a soon to be 5-year old. She doesn't have the attention span to sit and watch a game all the way through. I'm sure most of you with young kids know what I am talking about. So during the season I shut down Twitter and record the games when she is with me. Then I watch the games after she goes to bed. It works well. Every now and then I'll get texts from friends about what is happening during the games. I just let them know I'm not watching it live and I'll be watching it later. I can then typically ignore what they wanted to talk about with the game. Well, this didn't happen during the Wisconsin game. I was completely bombarded with texts. They were coming in fast and heavy. I had no chance to ignore what I was being told and it took even less time to get the gist of what was happening in the game. Everyone to a T flat out said not to bother watching it later. This is my team and I want to watch the games no matter what. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I really didn't want or care to watch this game after hearing so much about it. So instead of watching the game after the Lil One went to bed, I cracked open a couple beers and watched a movie. This is the first game in over ten years I haven't watched and I'm really not all that bothered by this.

You're probably wondering why I am confessing all of this. The reason I am opening myself up is this game kind of sums up how I am feeling about this season. I hate stupid Becky more than any team in the country. If the Gophers went another Brewsteresque 1-11, I would still consider the season a success if that victory was against stupid Becky. But with everything that has gone on this season I am just having a hard time getting worked up about the loss. This season was broken. Last season almost everything that could have went right, did. This season not so much. As soon as the injuries started piling up and Kill stepped down, I wrote this season off. I know I'll catch some flak for that but it's the truth. I didn't stop cheering the team on. I didn't stop believing they could get to 6 wins and bowl eligibility. I was just being realistic. There were just too many things working against them this season. It happens, unfortunately it happens to the Gophers more often than I would like.

Believe me, I'm not happy about a 5-7 record. I'm not happy they lost 5 of their last 6 games. I'm not happy they didn't win a single Trophy Game. However, I just can't get worked up to tear them apart. Ultimately, they just weren't a good football team this year. We saw some flashes. We saw some players step up and provide hope going forward. But they just didn't have enough this season for a myriad of reasons.

I feel the future is still bright for this program. Jerry Kill and the staff made the decision to go the slow paced, brick-by-brick approach to building this thing. As much fun as the past two seasons have been, it was even discussed last year that it felt like they only just finished laying the foundation to the building they were building. They are now building the superstructure and as with most major construction projects there are delays, setbacks and reevaluations of the blueprints. This construction project had a major setback this year when the lead architect had to step down due to health reasons. There is a new lead architect in place and it is going to take him a little time to add his own touch to the design of the superstructure. To me that’s what this season turned into; a step back to take a step forward. Have faith Gopherland. Onto 2016 and the Empire Class.

There is only going to be one tweet in today's Stroll. This tweet is a perfect summation about how I think all of us are feeling right now.