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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers Host Panthers in Final Non-Conference Game - OPEN THREAD

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports


Williams Arena


7:00 PM


ESPN3 (web only)

The Panthers come to town for the final game before the Big Ten gets going. Milwaukee sits at 135th in KenPom rankings, not all that prestigious or impressive...then you look up just a few spots to see the Gophers at 128th (these rankings are a few days ahead of the actual game and may have moved slightly).

Keys to a Gopher Win

Maroon_key_medium Don't Play Selfish - I'm half stealing this from UStreet, but it is spot on. Taking bad shots, making poor offensive decisions are all about not doing what is asked and being selfish. This team really struggles offensively and the answer is NOT to have one or two guys start to carry the load. They need to work together, move the ball, take better shots and then the scoring will fall into place.

Maroon_key_medium Please Defend - With that said for the offense, our biggest problem is really on the defensive end. It was much better, at least according to the eye test, against Oklahoma State. And then they actually played well holding down Chicago State (caveat "should" be that it was Chicago State, but that does not matter this year). Once again I'd like to see some good, team defense.

"Should" be a Gopher win and then we move on to Ohio State.