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Central Michigan vs. Minnesota: Gophs Top Chips

Strolling Through Twitterland: Quick Lane Bowl Edition

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This wasn't the season we wanted or expected when fall camp started back in August. This was one of those years where there was a cloud hanging over this program. Think of everything this team has faced this season, from the AD's true colors coming out during camp, Kill having to resign due to health concerns, too many injuries to list and one of the toughest schedules in college football. With everything they have faced, they could have easily rolled over and gone through the motions. But this team kept fighting and to me they did right by the University and the state of Minnesota.

Say what you want about a 5-7 team getting to play in a bowl game. Personally I don't care. The Gophers were given a chance to play an extra game. Selfishly this made me happy! It gave me another opportunity to watch Eric Murray, BBC, De'Vondre Campbell, Jon Christenson and KJ Maye to name a few, get to wear the Maroon and Gold one more time. It gave me the opportunity to watch Peter Mortell be the boss that he is one more time. He's a punter and I may possibly miss him the most. Look at the impact these guys had on this program over the past five years. Look at the impact these guys had on the Quick Lane Bowl game.

Speaking of the Quick Lane Bowl, I'm supposed to be recapping the game, sorry about that. To me this game was a microcosm of the entire season. The defense completely shut down the opposition and the offense did just enough. Watching the defense made me wonder how good they could have truly been if they had been fully healthy. The Chips really didn't have an answer for anything other than screen pass after screen pass. The screen passes eventually fizzled out as well due to the Famous Sawvel/Claeys Halftime Adjustments.

Yet as well as the defense played, once again the offense kept the Chips in the game. One of the most frustrating things about the offense for me this season was how many self-inflicted wounds they caused. I can't help but feel this game would have been over before it began if Woli doesn't drop that pass on the second drive. Besides that, the Gophers had the chance to put this game away on multiple occasions but they let the Chips hang around. They showed flashes against the Chips, just like they showed flashes all season long. If they can put it all together next season, stop the self-inflicted wounds and they get the Mitch that played the last half of the season, this offense could be a lot of fun to watch.

I don't know what this victory means if it even means anything at all. I'm just glad I got to watch another Gopher game. I'm feeling all kinds of sads right now knowing the season is officially over. This wasn't the season we wanted or expected but at the end of the day, I'm going to miss having Gopher football to talk about for the next 3 months. Ski-U-Mah friends and thank you for reading this season.

Onto the final Stroll Through Twitterland of of the 2015 Gopher Football season.

The main hashtags for this game were:




Looks like Goldy made a friend while in Detroit. Who is that bearded man anyway?

Goldy doing Goldy things.

Yeah it was that kind of night for Woli. I'll just leave it at that.

It was that kind of night for Leidner as well. #SarcasmFont

Ok, this is actually the kind of night it was for Leidner.

Thank you seniors. It's been a pleasure watching you play the past few years. Best of luck wherever the world takes you.

Soon to be permanently named Defensive Coordinator Jay Sawvel with some kind words for the departing DB seniors.

Last but certainly not least.

What were your favorite tweets about the game? Which senior are you going to miss the most?