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Happy New Year From The Daily Gopher and National Semis - Open Thread

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

First of all, let this be your combination New Year's Eve and National Semi-Finals open thread. good tonight! Enjoy some tasty bourbon but don't do anything silly.

2015 is behind us and time to look ahead to all the possibilities that 2016 brings us.

Things I liked in 2015

  • All of the great additions to the TDG writing crew!
  • Gopher Recruiting - both football and basketball have had some major wins in recruiting
  • Fargo Season 2 - absolutely my favorite show if the year, unquestionably.
  • Learned a couple fantastic mixed bourbon drinks
  • Getting invited to a bowl because of our academic success, and earning the win
  • Leidner Island
  • Facilities becoming a reality
  • The continued growth of the TDG community!
  • (your turn...)

Things I Didn't Like in 2015

  • Jerry Kill retiring
  • Gopher Basketball taking a turn
  • Not getting an BTAC or Pappy this year (these are real problems)
  • Job transition, making blogging harder
  • The whole Norewood Teague ugliness

Time to talk football that still matters.  Oklahoma and Clemson are up first, followed by Michigan State and the Crimson Tide.  Go Big Ten!

Talk Football.  Tell me your favorite things of 2015.  Tell me what you are looking forward to in 2016.  The floor is yours...